Episode 1

Published on:

9th Mar 2022

The Great Migration and Black Foodways

To understand African American foodways, we must first understand The Great Migration. From the 1910’s to the 1970’s, over six million African Americans moved from the rural South to the urban North in one of the largest mass movements of people in American History. On this episode, we hear from history professor Dr Frederick Douglas Opie, and culinary historian Adrian Miller, about how this critical phenomenon not only affected African Americans economically and socially, but also brought the spread of Southern food across the country, influencing regional cuisines for years to come.

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Setting the Table
Hosted by Deb Freeman, Setting the Table is a podcast that explores the stories and histories of African American cuisine and foodways. From Sunday barbeques to the spirits in your cocktails, African Americans have created the foundation of modern American cuisine, yet African American food is one of the least explored food genres. Setting the Table illuminates the ways that African Americans have shaped how this country eats and drinks by exploring the historical events that have influenced the formation of Black foodways in America while also drawing a direct line to the people who are moving the Black culinary narrative forward.

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